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Meet the Generational Healthcare Team

Meet Utah’s Team of Advanced Medical Pain Doctors & Health Care Providers

Our team of medical pain doctors & providers offer patients in West Valley City and the Salt Lake City Area lasting pain relief

Steven Lore MD

Steve is the caring, kind medical doctor that every one wishes they could find but cant. That may be because he is pulled in many directions due to the high level of demand for the care that he offers. He is our medical director and oversees all medical services performed at Generational Healthcare. He brings years of experience in various areas of medicine to our team. He manages to balance the demands of career and family better than most and has spent many years involved with the Boy Scouts of America as he is the father of 7 wonderful children including 3 boys. Their mother is his sweetheart of many years and together they enjoy the excitement and blessing that it is to raise a large and happy family. He serves his community in many ways including through scouting, church service. He also provides and oversees top of the line healthcare through various avenues. We are happy he has chosen to include Generational Healthcare as a part of his busy life.

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Ryan Latimer PA-C (Physician Assistant-Certified)

Ryan the ideal provider Ryan has spent 9 years working for two of the top Orthopedic Surgeons in Utah. From 2009-2015 his duties were fulfilled as he was the primary point of care for thousands of patients at TOSH (The Orthopedic Hospital). From large joint injections to managing post surgical medications Ryan has been at the patients’ side to make their life better.   He has earned the recognition and trust of every doctor he has worked with. Ryan is the devoted husband to his sweetheart Erica who is the mother of their four wonderful children. When Ryan is not working he continues to serve others from his family to the community and in his various church responsibilities. Ryan excels in everything he chooses and we are proud he chose Generational Healthcare as a medium to serve you, our patients.

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Michael Frogley DC CCEP

Mike is a third generation chiropractor on both sides of his family. He chose to follow his families’ footsteps and graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2007. PCC is also where he was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree after transferring from the University of Utah. He and his wife Kaylene married in 2002 and have 4 fantastic children that keep them very busy. Mike loves helping patients get well and to understand the body better. When he is not working he loves being active and has participated in various marathons, triathlons and completed his first ultra marathon in 2013. He also plays in a soccer league and basketball regularly. Mike has been around chiropractic his entire life and has studied countless techniques with emphasis is spinal rehabilitation and remodeling as well as becoming a certified extremity practitioner. He credits his skills to education, necessity and family heritage but we are glad he is an anchor for us at Generational Healthcare.

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Valeri Stott LMT

Val is our lead Massage Therapist and Rehab Coordinator. She is well versed in the art and science of the human body. She has worked in a various Medical, Chiropractic and Massage Therapy centers for over 10 years. She graduated from the Arizona School of Massage Therapy in August of 2004. Then went onto complete the Advanced Bodyworker Program at the Utah College of Massage Therapy. She is passionate about helping people with the best and most effective therapies for their body. Outside of work she is very active and gets her aggression out playing indoor soccer many nights a week. Val and her husband Jesse were married in August of 2014. We love that she is a strong and stable part of our team at Generational Healthcare!

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Samantha joined our team brining insurance billing and credentialing experience and expertise. She quickly trained in each of our service centers to be capable of helping wherever we need her. Her primary responsibility is to help you get your care covered by your insurance carrier according to their contracts. Samantha is a Salt Lake Valley native and is proud to have recently purchased her first home. She has also certified in personal training and is a notary public so she has a lot to offer Generational Healthcare.


Eveline keeps us rocking! No matter the circumstances she has been able to focus on whatever task is given to her and she will find a way to get it done. She has a strong computer background that helps us when technology acts up. She is trained in all of our service centers and her language skills allow her to help our Spanish speaking patients. She is working daily to make sure that insurance claims are being sent correctly with all the necessary documentation to get your claims paid and reduce any patient stress that insurance companies may create. She also has worked in another clinic and loves what we do beyond what most clinics offer. We are so happy to have her as part of the Generational team!

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