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The Pros and Cons of Stem Cell

Undifferentiated cells, the basic cells that can become a specialized cell and continue to produce it, are called stem cells. These cells can be used for a variety of medical advancements, procedures and research. For example, stem cells can be used to become...

The Worst Posture Mistakes, and How to Fix Them

Not only does good posture help you to look your best, it also protects your muscles and spine from injury or pain. You can make the worst posture mistakes in a variety of situations, and you probably don’t even realize it. To help, we’ve listed those posture mistakes...

Can Scoliosis Be Corrected Without Surgery?

Can Scoliosis Be Corrected Without Surgery?

Scoliosis. If you have it, you probably already know what it is and how it’s treated. Especially, if you have a more serious case. But scoliosis, the incurable and abnormal curvature of the spine, effects about three in 100 people. Most cases are not serious and the...